Monday, October 21

9:00: Welcome

9:10: Session 1. Chair: Arthur Gervais
  • Paralysis Proofs: Secure Dynamic Access Structures for Cryptocurrency Custody and More. Fan Zhang (Cornell), Philip Daian (Cornell), Iddo Bentov (Cornell University), Ian Miers (Cornell University), Ari Juels (Jacobs Institute) [ACM DL]
  • PISA: Arbitration Outsourcing for State Channels. Patrick McCorry (PISA Research), Surya Bakshi (UIUC), Iddo Bentov (Cornell University), Sarah Meiklejohn (UCL), Andrew Miller (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) [ACM DL]
  • Outpost: A Responsive Lightweight Watchtower. Tejaswi Nadahalli (ETH Zurich), Majid Khabbazian (University of Alberta), Roger Wattenhofer (ETH Zurich) [ACM DL]

10:10: Coffee break

10:40: Session 2. Chair: Idit Keidar
  • SoK: Sharding on Blockchain. Gang Wang (University of Connecticut), Zhijie Jerry Shi (University of Connecticut), Mark Nixon (Emerson Automation Solutions), Song Han (University of Connecticut) [ACM DL]
  • On the optionality and fairness of Atomic Swaps. Runchao Han (Monash University and CSIRO-Data61), Haoyu Lin, Jiangshan Yu (Monash University) [ACM DL]
  • Spams meet Cryptocurrencies: Sextortion in the Bitcoin Ecosystem. Masarah Cynthia Paquet-Clouston (Gosecure), Matteo Romiti (Austrian Institute of Technology), Bernhard Haslhofer (Austrian Institute of Technology), Tomas Charvat (Excello) [ACM DL]
  • Competing (Semi)-Selfish Miners in Bitcoin. Francisco Marmolejo-Cossío (University of Oxford), Eric Brigham (New College of Florida), Benjamin Sela (University of Maryland), Jonathan Katz (University of Maryland) [ACM DL]

12:00: Lunch

13:30: Session 3 – Highlights. Chair: Simon Thompson
  • From NDSS’19: SABRE: Protecting Bitcoin against Routing Attacks. Maria Apostolaki (ETH), Gian Marti (ETH), Jan Müller (ETH), Laurent Vanbever (ETH)
  • From NDSS’19: Sereum: Protecting Existing Smart Contracts Against Re-Entrancy Attacks. Michael Rodler (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany), Wenting Li (NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany), Ghassan O. Karame (NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany), Lucas Davi (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
  • From NDSS’19: Anonymous Multi-Hop Locks for Blockchain Scalability and Interoperability. Giulio Malavolta (Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nurnberg), Pedro Moreno Sanchez (TU Wien), Clara Schneidewind (TU Wien), Aniket Kate (Purdue University), Matteo Maffei (TU Wien)
  • From USENIX Security’19: Tracing Transactions Across Cryptocurrency Ledgers. Haaroon Yousaf (University College London), Sarah Meiklejohn (University College London), George Kappos (University College London)
  • From USENIX Security’19: BITE: Bitcoin Lightweight Client Privacy using Trusted Execution. Sinisa Matetic (ETH Zurich), Karl Wüst (ETH Zurich), Moritz Schneider (ETH Zurich), Kari Kostiainen (ETH Zurich), Ghassan Karame (NEC Laboratories), Srdjan Capkun (ETH Zurich)

15:10: Coffee break

15:40: Session 4 – Tutorial. Chair: Roger Wattenhofer
  • The Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocols. Christian Badertscher, Aggelos Kiayias (Uni Edinburgh and IOHK) [6.6MB PDF]

Tuedsay, October 22

9:00: Session 5 – Keynote. Chair: Ittai Abraham
    Angela Walch (Professor of Law at St. Mary’s University School of Law. Research Fellow at the Centre for Blockchain Technologies at University College London): CryptoSpeak [PDF]

10:00: Coffee break

10:30: Session 6 – Tutorial. Chair: Emin Gun Sirer
  • Off The Chain Transactions. Arthur Gervais (Imperial College London, HSLU, Liquidity Network) [10.8MB PDF]

12:00: Lunch

13:30: Session 7. Chair: Matteo Maffei
  • Impossibility of Full Decentralization in Permissionless Blockchains. Yujin Kwon (KAIST), Jian Liu (UC Berkeley), Minjeong Kim (KAIST), Dawn Song (UC Berkeley), Yongdae Kim (KAIST) [ACM DL]
  • An Axiomatic Approach to Block Rewards. Xi Chen (Columbia University), Christos Papadimitriou (Columbia University), Tim Roughgarden (Columbia University) [ACM DL]
  • Semi-Quantum Money. Roy Radian (Ben-Gurion University), Or Sattath (Ben-Gurion University) [ACM DL]
  • Quantum Algorithms for Portfolio Optimization. Daniel Szilagyi (IRIF), Anupam Prakash (IRIF), Iordanis Kerenidis (IRIF) [ACM DL]
  • Libra: Fair Order-Matching for Electronic Financial Exchanges. Vasilios Mavroudis (University College London), Hayden Melton (Refinitiv), Vasilios Mavroudis (UCL) [ACM DL]

15:10: Coffee break

15:40: Session 8. Chair: Or Sattath
  • An Eye for an Eye: Economics of Retaliation in Mining Pools. Yujin Kwon (KAIST), Hyoungshick Kim (Sungkyunkwan University), Yung Yi (KAIST), Yongdae Kim (KAIST) [ACM DL]
  • SoK: Consensus in the Age of Blockchains. Shehar Bano (University College London), Alberto Sonnino (University College London), Mustafa Al-Bassam (University College London), Sarah Azouvi (University College London), Patrick McCorry (King’s College London), Sarah Meiklejohn (University College London), George Danezis (University College London), Mustafa Al-Bassam (University College London) [ACM DL]
  • Kadcast: A Structured Approach to Broadcast in Blockchain Networks. Elias Rohrer (Technical University of Berlin), Florian Tschorsch (Technical University of Berlin) [ACM DL]
  • Aleph: Efficient Atomic Broadcast in Asynchronous Networks with Byzantine Nodes. Adam Gągol (Aleph Zero Foundation), Damian Leśniak (Aleph Zero Foundation), Damian Straszak (Aleph Zero Foundation), Michał Świętek (Aleph Zero Foundation) [ACM DL]

17:00: Business meeting

17:30: Light reception

Wednesday, October 23 (2nd floor)

9:20: Session 9 – Highlights. Chair: Jiangshan Yu
  • From Oakland’19: Redactable Blockchain in the Permissionless Setting. Dominic Deuber (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany), Bernardo Magri (Aarhus University, Denmark), Sri Aravinda Krishnan Thyagarajan (Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany)
  • From NDSS’19: Fine-Grained and Controlled Rewriting in Blockchains: Chameleon-Hashing Gone Attribute-Based. David Derler (DFINITY), Kai Samelin (TUV Rheinland i-sec GmbH), Daniel Slamanig (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology), Christoph Striecks (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)

10:00: Coffee break

10:30: Session 10 – Highlights. Chair: Ittay Eyal
  • From USENIX Security’19: The Anatomy of a Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dump Scheme. Jiahua Xu (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)), Benjamin Livshits (Imperial College London)
  • From Oakland’19: Perun: Virtual Payment Hubs over Cryptocurrencies. Stefan Dziembowski (University of Warsaw), Lisa Eckey (TU Darmstadt), Sebastian Faust (TU Darmstadt), Daniel Malinowski (University of Warsaw)
  • From CCS’18: A better method to analyze blockchain consistency. Lucianna Kiffer (Northeastern University), Rajmohan Rajaraman (Northeastern University), Abhijeet Shelat (Northeastern University)
  • From Oakland’19: Lay Down the Common Metrics: Evaluating Proof-of-Work Consensus Protocols’ Security. Ren Zhang (Nervos & imec-COSIC, KU Leuven), Bart Preneel (imec-COSIC, KU Leuven)

11:50: Lunch

13:20: Session 11 – Tutorial. Chair: Ittai Abraham
  • Marlowe: Financial Contracts on Blockchain. Simon Thompson et al. (Uni Kent and IOHK) [4.4MB PDF]

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